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As a figure of cultural activism from the late 80s to the present, multidisciplinary artist Mike Sylla has been honored for his 27 years of creative proliferation, talent and influence in African fashion and contribution to universal culture. For Senegal and France, and for his artistic work in the African diaspora around the world, he has won numerous awards that he dedicates to African youth, talents and his diaspora for the promotion and development of Africa. Mike Sylla, a symbol of dynamic artistic and cultural commitment, is one of the great figures in the Diaspora.

Born in Dakar in the Medina, Mike Sylla is an artist of multiple influences, he is imbued with this popular district that transpires the deep culture of West Africa and France has allowed him through his creations to create a beautiful alchemy between Africa and the West, thus enhancing Art. Through painting and art, he created the concept Baïfall Dream & The Human Tribe and united a collective of artists around fashion, through his creations develops a Street-Art atmosphere in motion, a real work of art confidential and personalized workshop realized that seduces the whole world and that many personalities of the showbiz appropriate.


March 2013 : winner of "Designers Choice Award" during Miami International Fashion Week March 2014 : new ambassador for children's causes around the world by President Oskar CJ Ibru de Dream Child Fondation

His genius in the art of shaping leather and suede, the charm of his work rests mainly on his ability to combine his approach with the past of the beautiful period of the woman of the 60-70 years and to accord it to the requirements of contemporary fashion. The design designer pays particular attention to retro shapes and painted decorative elements, the multiple combinations of colors and patterns ensure the singularity of each work. An impulse of generosity and artistic gallantry that justifies the success of the Baïfall Dream coat, one of the masterpieces of the house. Through an ethical handmade work and an applied artistic expression, he creates ultra-glamor models, genuine mobile works of art. The Mike Sylla Couture style is innovative, creative with different trends and universal influences, a unique style of blending genres and displaying colors and noble materials in a subtle and innovative way.

It is inspired by the world music that settled in the 80s in the heart of the French capital before spreading to the rest of the world because he is a specialist in Slam and Koralyre (symbol of the fusion of cultures of the world). He creates his own musical instruments, designs multiple sounds for his parades throughout the world and is at the heart of poetry for initiating and conceptualizing performances related to the Arts such as L'Opéra Baïfall, Baïfall Dream and The Human Tribe, the Afrofashion Show by Mike Sylla, and to orality such as Le Slamopéra, La Slamoperette and Slamophonie with the International Organization of La Francophonie. It shows that through its journey Art is multiple, moving and celebrates with a staged study of painting, image, fashion, music and dance, a true living picture, a meeting of cultures of world.

July 2015 : Prix Indiana Black Expo

Mike Sylla is surprised by the tribute paid to the famous artist Michael Jackson inspired by the work of the Star and to Madiba Mandela figure of free Africa through the creation of collector coins, he brings his signature for his 20 years of creation at a Haute couture fashion show on the theme "Afrosapiens" at the Théâtre de Verdure at the Musée du Quai Branly, at Unesco House on the occasion of the 10th anniversary on cultural diversity for the international community before forty conductors 'States, on the forecourt of the city hall of Paris on the occasion of the exhibition "Diasporas & Independences Africaines" built in partnership with the embassies in France of the African countries concerned, celebrates the 40 years of la Francophonie with the creation of the La Slamophonie label, creates the Afrofashion Show concept by Mike Sylla for the Dream Child Foundation in Ghana and for the celebration of the Black History Month in San Francisco, nvité star he exhibited and made a parade for the 45th edition of Indiana Black Expo ... Baïfall Dream, a philosophy that symbolizes the diversity of world cultures.

In March 2013 at Miami International Fashion Week, he was awarded the "Designers Choice Award" and was the first African to enter his name at the annual event. In March 2014 in Accra, he was rewarded for his talent and for all his artistic work in the world for Africa and his diaspora: in Ghana he presented the Afro Fashion Show by Mike Sylla "Tribute to Mandela". And in July 2015, invited to the "IBE's Fashion Here & Now Fashion Show" at the 45th edition of the Indiana Black Expo Celebration, he received the "International Excellence Award at Indiana Black Expo" for the best designer and his artistic work carried out within the African diaspora or afro in the world. And in December 2016 he was honored in Paris at the 6th edition of the Calebasses of the Excellence of the Senegalese diaspora for the award "Calabash of Excellence Stylist of the Diaspora 2016".

December 2016 : "Calabash of Excellence Stylist of the Diaspora 2016"
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