Mike Sylla, Fashion Designer, Baïfall Dream

The dream of colors in Art


Born in creative background, Mike Sylla, a picture of cultural activism of the 80s, is a senegalese designer revisiting leather clothes and suede to colorfully rejuvenate them. He is fashion designer who has an atypical approch to generate the perfect alchemy between Senegal and the West. His expert handicraftmanship allows him to create and design real pieces of art.

Over the past twenty years of touring the world (mostly Africa and Europe), he has created a team with which his work on his trade mark. Visionary, he has initiated the afro-pop-art trend and became one of the world culture designer. Most of his collection his dedicated to women, his Baïfall Dream coasts are the flagships of his successes. Women who wear his creations, feel graceful and in perfect harmony with painting art. Mike Sylla inovates in new trend, his unique pieces are made as a combination of colors and patterns . He always suprises his public with his unique style which symbolizes diversity and world culture.


March 2013 : winner of "Designers Choice Award" during Miami International Fashion Week March 2014 : new ambassador for children's causes around the world by President Oskar CJ Ibru de Dream Child Fondation
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